Is private speech therapy worth it?

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Sonicwasthebestgame Fri 14-Feb-20 10:30:59

Ds is 4yo and in reception. The problems now seem to be mostly around pronunciation.

I've been raising concerns about his speech since he was 1. He started off babbling away beautifully at around 6 months, then by the time he was 1 he'd lost all his sounds and would only say "mmm", "mmm". The HV said wait and see.

He gained a few words by two but the pronunciation was very poor, I went back to the HV and was told wait and see.

At 2.5 the nursery finally agreed that there may be some concern but they'd wait and see. I went back to the HV with this and she took a bit more notice of the nursery and made a referral.

Got an appointment with a speech therapist who assessed him, she felt it was only a mild delay and that his understanding was excellent so she didn't need to see him again, told us to just keep doing what we were doing.

When he went into the 3-5 group at nursery, his speech came along much better, he was happier and calmer as he had a good key worker and he liked the calmness and routine of the pre school room. He really caught up.

He never shuts up now, but struggles putting sounds together, so he can say ball, but blue comes out as glue and so on. He isn't learning to read just yet he struggles, he's learning his sounds but he can forget easily, however on the whole he's really enjoying school and he's progressing albeit a bit slower than you'd hope.

School have now raised some concerns about his speech but also his understanding and retaining information, but again are taking a wait and see approach which I understand, he's still very young and I think he already gets some extra help with a few things.

Anyway sorry for the long post, but dh and I are now considering going private to try to help him catch up a bit with his speech and language. Wondering if people have found it helps and made a difference.

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