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Seat/walker for overactive 7 mo

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blushinmum Thu 13-Feb-20 14:07:53

Playpen or standing play thing like a jumperoo, but without bounce ( but he might not like that either. My oldest didn't like it until he was much older and probably too big for it.)

To be honest 7 mths is young To watch tv other than a glance, his attention span is very short. Plus separation anxiety is normal.

Are you worried about him hurting himself when you leave the room? If you are popping to the loo fine, but otherwise I'd take him with you. You can sit him in the high chair with some toys so can interact with him whilst you do what you need to if it's cooking? You can always put him in the high chair to prep his food and then take him out and play before putting him back for feeding him. It's hard to get anything done unless they are napping.

themummydiaries1 Thu 13-Feb-20 12:00:38

My little boy is constantly on the move and won't keep still , obv not a bad thing but as soon as I leave the room he climbs out of his bumbo or his inflatable ring 😂 I need something I can put him in where he will happily sit and play/watch tv etc . He hates his jumperoo too 🙄 helppppp

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