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2.5 yo wants me to repeat things back to her

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Whattodo098 Thu 13-Feb-20 10:30:01

Is this normal? She will do something in particular (for example build a tower) and will come to me and repeat "good girl, well done" so that I say it to her. She will repeat it a few times if I don't reply (I just tested this) but then will carry on playing happily even if I don't say it.
She does have a speech and language delay.

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Kle209 Thu 13-Feb-20 11:59:00

My DS (24m) does this too and I’m pretty sure it’s so that he knows I’ve understood him. But we also did a round of private speech therapy and part of that involves repeating what the child says and adding a word too so there might be an element of habit. Plus I’m def in the habit of repeating what he says anyway so he can hear the correct pronunciation so he’s probably just making sure I’m paying attention! I’m not worried about it especially at this age since I think having us repeat back to them is probably a key part of learning. I think the most important bit is that your Dd is trying to communicate with you at all smile

Whattodo098 Thu 13-Feb-20 12:47:48

Ah thank you - that does make sense! I've just never noticed another child do that before so thought it might be something else

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