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Introducing a routine

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TheOnlyMrsA Wed 12-Feb-20 09:32:00

I'm not sure if this is the right category but here goes.
My little Man is now 4 weeks old (5 weeks on Sunday). I know it's far too early to introduce a routine in terms of a time scale but I want to start doing things in the same order as I know babies love repetition and it will help him when the time comes.

What order do you do things in terms of bath/wash, bottle, before bed ... and how do you chill things down for night time?

I have no intention of introducing a full on routine with a bed time / set 'feed' times were still planning on going with little mans flow for a long time yet. xoxo

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ReallyLilyReally Wed 12-Feb-20 19:43:47

So, my DD is now almost 15 weeks and we started a bedtime routine just after christmas, so around 8-9 weeks. We started then because she showed signs of being ready to sleep in large chunks during the night (ie sleeping 10pm-3am regularly). Before then we didn't bother, because there was absolutely no guarantee that putting her to bed would result in sleep, so we just did bathtime whenever worked for us during the day and put her to bed when she fell asleep.

When we did start a bedtime routine, we went super simple - bath, boob, bed. We started this at around 9pm, and gradually edged it earlier, we now start at 6.30ish.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 12-Feb-20 23:33:17

I found this book gave me the confidence to come up with a routine that worked for all of us. It’s not prescriptive, like some baby books, is evidence based and unlike a few “baby gurus”, the author has actually had children herself smile

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