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Toddler not putting on weight

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furrycat Mon 03-Sep-07 08:54:51

DS1 is very small - age 2.8 and 84cm but then we are a family of shorties - and when I weighed him yestaerday was shocked to see he was only 25lb - about 1lb more than he was last Christmas! He's really active, but he's not a very enthusiastic eater. How worried should I be? I was thinking of asking doc for a referral to a paediatrician.

fluffyanimal Mon 03-Sep-07 10:14:52

If he's really active and wees and poos normally, there's probably nothing wrong, especially if the family are mostly small build. But if it puts your mind at rest, talk to your GP.

LittleB Mon 03-Sep-07 12:46:16

My dd is 2.4 and hasn't put on any weight since last Christmas either, but she was a chubby little thing then and has slimmed down quite a bit and is quite alot taller so I'm not worried. Is your ds growing taller and just changing shape, I think toddlers do this as they get more active, especially at the end of the summer when they've been outside so much. You could talk to your GP for reassurance, although I'd steer clear of HV, unless yours have given you good advice in the past (Sorry anti HV's last time I saw mine she said I should have another child to keep dd company). I'm sure he's fine though, my friends dd aged 2.8 has actually lost weight since Christmas but is fine!

clarinsgirl Mon 03-Sep-07 12:59:37

My DS (2.5) weighs slightly less now than at Christmas. He's eating well, very active and taller(85cm at Christmas, 92cm now). I'm not worried, he just seems to be losing baby chubbiness and stretching out!. As per littleB, if you're worried I would talk to GP rather than HV.

furrycat Mon 03-Sep-07 13:06:12

Thanks for your advice - agree about HVs. Went off mine when she told me it was fine to leave babies to scream for 3 hours if you're trying to get them to sleep!

yelnats Mon 03-Sep-07 13:18:47

My dd1 (3.4) is only 25lbs and is 91cm. She is not a great eater either - I have previously discussed this with my very good health visitor and she doesnt seem concerned about her as long as she is active and peeing and pooing normally.

It is hard not to worry about them though - especially when they are so small.

belgo Mon 03-Sep-07 13:19:12

furrycat - it doesn't sound like there is a problem. Weight gain does tail off in the second and thrid year - you'll probably find at some point he'll start to eat more and have a growth spurt.

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