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Started using a reward chart Supernanny tactics

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nuttyworkingmum Mon 03-Sep-07 02:02:31

I have started using a reward scheme aka Supernanny tactics. However my DP took my DS out to the cinema today even though he was a bit naughty and shouldn`t of really aghhh
Just because I needed to sleep as doing nightshift and DP felt the cinema was the easy option. Now I`m concerned the chart won`t work because he took him out regardless.
Help what should I do any ideas!!!

Furball Mon 03-Sep-07 07:39:19

how old is your ds

Blandmum Mon 03-Sep-07 07:44:32

TBH, I think that it would probably be wise to make the rewards a bit smaller than going to the cinema.

If the rewards are big, then the sysytem can blow back in your face if the kids don't behave and they don't get the rewards IYSWIM. The prize can be too great and then the fall out when they don't get it is horrific! smile

Worth having a word with DP to make sure that you all agree what the routine is going to be. Kids need predictability if the rewards chart is going to work.

juuule Mon 03-Sep-07 08:13:44

But the trip to the cinema wasn't a reward, was it? It was to help you out by getting out of the way. It just happened to be something that your ds would like anyway. Nice things can happen just as a part of day to day life, surely.

nuttyworkingmum Mon 03-Sep-07 15:28:55

Hi, my DS is 5 and has started spitting too recently , not sure why as DSS doesn`t do this at all or any of his friends!!!.
I think I will try doing more simple rewards for him and bigger ones for my DSS. Maybe I could say that good behaviour and keeping to the rules means extra days out rather than being too strict, my DS might never go out otherwise!!.
My DSS though as he is 10 has began to become very money orientated and picks up on anything which he deems unfair to him!.
So not sure how I can say to him that his brother went out to the cinema even though he had not achieved the chosen goal. Oh crikey feel like I`ve dug a big hole with this.
I`m going to have to be more organised dealing with a 10 yr old is much tricker .

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