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Physio success stories for your DC?

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Moonshine160 Sat 08-Feb-20 09:23:05

Hi. My DS is nearly 11 months and can’t sit unsupported, can’t roll from back to front, no signs of crawling, basically doesn’t attempt to move at all. His other areas of development are fine and all health professionals have said that an underlying condition is unlikely and that this is just a delay in his gross motor skills. We went for his first physio session yesterday. The physiotherapist was lovely and again said that there doesn’t appear to be any problem in particular but she thinks the main issue is that he hasn’t built up his core strength because he hates tummy time. He had reflux up until he was 5 months old and hated being on his tummy. He can roll from front to back and as soon as he is placed on his tummy he immediately cries and rolls back. She said it won’t be causing him physical pain, he simply doesn’t like it and isn’t used to using the muscles but he has no choice, he has to have tummy time. We’re trying to make it as light hearted and fun for him at home but he can’t stand it, we’ve tried one of the tummy time toy rolls and he tolerates it a little more on that but I can’t force him by pinning him down so I don’t know what else to do. We’ve got more exercises to try but I’ve already been trying these exercises for a few months with him and getting nowhere. Has anyone else been in a similar position and had a positive outcome from physiotherapy?

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surreygirl1987 Sat 08-Feb-20 23:25:43

Not the same situation but we did find physio beneficial. My son was born with torticollis and had physio for a year. Tummy time was prescribed as one of the main things that would help, plus a series of other exercises. We did them diligently even though he hated them. It was heart breaking to see him protesting but I was worried of the consequences if we didn't do them. Any way, now his torticollis seems completely gone and you woild.never know he had those issues! He's still not walking at almost 16 months mind you, but that's because he's also hypermobile- working on it! But basically I know it's really hard to see them hating it and forcing them to do it... but we did find it worth it in the long run!

anendhasastart Wed 12-Feb-20 12:09:23

Just graduated today from physio as my son is 21 months and has only just learnt to walk flat footed. His right foot was up so he was on tip toes and he wasn't walking properly by 18 month. He had to wear a boot full time for 3 months and now he walks so well. We are thrilled with him and his progress!

Moonshine160 Wed 19-Feb-20 09:34:57

Thanks both, that’s reassuring. @surreygirl1987 our situations sound fairly similar because DS had torticollis too, his head is still very misshapen. We’ve been doing the exercises that the physio told us to do and he’s already able to sit independently for several minutes so we’re over the moon! X

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SuperSleepyBaby Wed 19-Feb-20 10:29:20

My daughter was also very late to sit up and roll over - similar to your son. A physiotherapist examined her and said there was no issue. We didn’t have any physio sessions and eventually she just started to do things herself. She walked at 14 months. She is 3 now and perfectly fine - she loves climbing on everything in the playground and going on her scooter.

My husband didn’t walk until almost age 2. His mum took him to a doctor who couldn’t find an issue. He also eventually started to walk by himself and played football very well as a child and has had no issues at all with motor skills.

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