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19 month old pinching and hitting

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pesto1 Sun 02-Sep-07 18:54:55


hope someone can help

ive a lovely 19 month old dd. she is bright, adventrous and generally wonderful. But she has started pinching and hitting ALOT. she used to just lash out at me, and i understant it can be due to frustration. But she has recently started hitting people with objects and pinching for no reason at all.
Im telling her no, giving her a warning then if she does it again im removing her or the object she is hitting people ( or my poor dog) with.
she does not seem to be getting the message at all, and just seems to think its all quite funny.
DO i just carry on as i am and hope she gets past this? or do i do as my mum says and pinch her back, tell her its not nice. then give her a cuddle?


chopster Sun 02-Sep-07 19:01:35

god, don't pinch her back. That will jsut reinforce the behaviour. It is a phase, and most toddlers do it. I would try to ignore it as much as possible. At the moment she is getting your attention with it, even if it is negative attention and that is why she is finding it so amusing. If you start to ignore her and praise her when she is being nice to people, (or the dog) then you will find it will pass pretty quickly.

Symapthies though, I have two toddlers who still bite and pinch each other when they are in a rage!

amidaiwish Sun 02-Sep-07 19:06:54

def don't pinch her back!

say "no" in a cross firm voice, turn your back = zero attention. Lavish positive attention on "pinchee". DD will come and try to muscle in - don't let her. Say "no, we don't pinch/hit" and turn your back to her.

be consistent, she'll get fed up of no attention and will be onto the next thing!!

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