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Really struggling with 15 month old

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Rachel1210 Wed 05-Feb-20 06:29:19

As title suggests - I’m really really DD has always been a tricky child. Very unsettled newborn, colic etc. When others could take their babies out for coffees etc and they would just sleep in the pram mine would scream constantly. Has never ever been a content baby. Very sensitive and easy to cry. Very demanding etc. I was told wait until she crawls, walks etc. But we’ve hit all those milestones and still no better. She wakes every morning screaming and is usually inconsolable for a good hour after she wakes. These screaming sessions continue pretty much on and off all day. she’s always crying or having awful tantrums where she loses it so much that I can’t even hold her. I know when she starts talking it may get easier but I’m struggling so much as I dread having to spend any time with her as she’s just such a misery. I try and giver her everything she needs. Despite her nature I take her to classes, to the park, to the beach etc but she’s never ever happy. From the moment she starts screaming at 6am I dread each day....she’s in nursery twice a week for me to work but I work a demanding job 7-7 and on my days off I just have her screaming. I’m really struggling....I hate talking about her this way and I try every day to think of the positives but I’m almost 16 months in and every day has been a struggle....feel like I have nothing to look forward to at the mo - just working and a screaming baby

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Jannt86 Wed 05-Feb-20 08:33:02

This must be so hard! So sorry for you. Is she ever joyful? Does she have times when she's smiley or laughs with delight? Any words or babbling? Any other social behaviour?

Rachel1210 Wed 05-Feb-20 08:49:59

Thank you so much for replying....
Yes she does laugh and smile and I keep reminding myself of those moments but more often than not she’s just very grizzly....lots of babbling but no real words as yet other than dada and mama

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ReallyLilyReally Wed 05-Feb-20 16:39:19

What does nursery say, is she screamy there too?

Rachel1210 Wed 05-Feb-20 17:42:10

She screams when I drop her off but I’m assured that she settles quickly...they haven’t mentioned anything else - but will occasionally say she’s been “a bit unsettled” some days

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surreygirl1987 Wed 05-Feb-20 19:57:36

Sounds similar to my almost 1y month old boy. Such hard work! My son is delightfully happy when he's not screaming though. But he is very very headstrong and demanding ... and if he wants something and I won't let him have it he will scream and tantrum for ages in protest. It is really wearing! He was also a very unsettled screamy newborn like your daughter- another one who wouldn't settle while I had a coffee in the cafe but had to hold him the whole time and keep my fingers crossed he wouldn't go off on one! I guess I have no advice except you're not alone and I totally get it! My boy is worse when he's tired or hungry or ill though. Which seems to be most of the time!

Jannt86 Wed 05-Feb-20 22:32:08

She could just be practicing her upper management skills early grin but I would say it's worth keeping an eye on her social skills and talking in general and flagging it with GP or HV if you're concerned. I'd also get her ears looked at and perhaps her hearing checked if it's worst after she just wakes up. I say this because my LO did the exact same thing when she was poorly with an ear infection. I think it was because lying flat was increasing the fluid buildup behind her ears basically. Good luck xx

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