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Baby has big head at 6 weeks??

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shanchanx Sun 02-Feb-20 13:06:35

Hi there!

My little girl was born at 38+5, induced due to a slight tear in placenta, was a bit of a traumatic pregnancy! Had ltos of complications and lots of scans.

Her head circumference was always big and was even off the charts on percentile range at our last one!

When she was born it was 35cm and she was 6lb 12oz

Shes now 6 and a half weeks old and I've just measured it at around 40 cms! I've head by 1 month it should be 38cm so I'm not sure if this is normal or nto, when I put it in a percentile calculator it said it was 98th percentile! I have our 6 week check on Thursday so I'll get an accurate reading then. She's not been weighed since the 17th of Jan when she was just over a month old and she weighed 9lb 3 (never lost any weight or had failure to thrive but slight jaundice and still slightly)

Anyone know if this is normal or am I just Freaking for no reason!? First time mum here and due to see HV on the 5th

Thanks ☺️

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Babs5693 Sun 02-Feb-20 19:13:47

Hi, did they do any detailed scans such as MRI scan when you was pregnant? My son had a condition when I was pregnant (I won’t go into it as it’s not relevant) and I had an MRI scan. If they would have been worried they would have sent you for one of these to check everything was ok. Also I wouldn’t measure her head yourself as you may not measure it on the right part and you are not taking into account weight gain so in turn worrying yourself when you may not need to.

Babs5693 Sun 02-Feb-20 19:14:36

Oh and by the way, it’s hard not to eorr, I’m a second time mum and still worry about every little thing!

Babs5693 Sun 02-Feb-20 19:15:01


chester18 Sun 02-Feb-20 23:02:36

I wouldn't worry. My 3 all had big heads and also the health visitor may get a slightly different measurement. Even if it was 98th percentile that's still normal. Do you or dh have big heads?

shanchanx Mon 03-Feb-20 18:51:50

Hiya! Thanks for your replies -

Babs - No, they never actually ever mentioned anything abijt the size of her head, it was when I was given scan results after with the different percentiles on I saw that she was off the chart percentile for her head for her gestation! She always measured up around 50th + except her femur which was always around 10/25th percentile. That is true, I just noticed it looked a little big (always has looked slightly big but was bound to with those results!) so I thought I'd check, when I looked online again it said 35-38 in 4 weeks so I guess going from 35-38 by week 4 to 38-40 in 2 weeks isn't entirely bad. But, I'll see what they say Thursday! Oh yes, I think the problematic pregnancy has just made me really anxious to keep her alive lol, but she's healthy so I should try stop 😬

Chester 18 - No, neither of us have particularly big heads, my partners is slightly big (and quite a big forehead, but, I didn't say that lol) That's true smile just anxious as read up things (stupid I know!)

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Babs5693 Mon 03-Feb-20 19:14:27

If they would have been worried they would have sent you for further tests, they would always do it just to be on the safe side, so I wouldn’t worry and like you are going to do mention it to hopefully put your mind at rest x

shanchanx Mon 03-Feb-20 20:48:33

Babs - yeah, I'd like to think so! My hospital was pretty awful throughout though, if I'm honest! So, see what they say, I'll definitely be mentioning it! Thank you ☺️ x

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HalfBearOtherHalfCat Wed 05-Feb-20 01:52:45

My son was born with a super-size head too - so big it has never been on the chart. He is four now and he steals my hats - his head is just 2cm smaller than mine!

Our doctor said she is rarely concerned by a child simply having a big head. It is more concerning when a head grows inappropriately fast, and a child who previously had e.g. a 50th centile head, then starts measuring on the 80th centile. But a kid who started out with a big head and just holds that line is likely to be fine.

Harrysmummy246 Fri 07-Feb-20 15:44:13

Off the chart at 6 w check. Haven't measured since but 2 in june and wearing 3+ sunhats all summer
Just tried a 1-3 years woolly hat on. Only just went on.

My head is big, so is my dad's

Ironic that we were having scans for a small head thanks to possible zika exposure hey

shanchanx Mon 10-Feb-20 20:41:43

Hi Halfbear! It was off the chart in the womb, was 92 percentile when they did it at 6 week check but she was also 75ty percentile for her weight! And only 9th for her height but I don't think it was done correctly as I got it on 25th percentile. No mentions or concern just said they will keep an eye (but also signed me off the HV team until the 10 month check which isn't by them!)

Harry's mum - ah so weren't any concerns then? I assume she's just got a big head! She's very very advanced already and manages to hold it up for really long periods during tummy time and turns it etc well so I'm not concerned with her developmentally!

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