Baby hates the car seat!

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moregingerbreadplease Sat 01-Feb-20 20:43:32

Please help - it’s making driving, and going anywhere quickly where he needs to stay in the car seat in pram really stressful!

LO is 2nd baby but the first one went to sleep as soon as he went in it!

I am fastening him in correctly and he is a big baby but still fits in the newborn insert...
Even if he is fed, changed etc he still cries!

Any ideas?

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Cdl84 Sat 01-Feb-20 21:15:19

We had the same problem and started playing the same white noise he has to go to sleep at night when he was in the car which seemed to help a bit. Gradually over a few months he settled better in the car and now we dont gave to play the noise.

NewMum293 Mon 03-Feb-20 11:27:42

Even if he still fits in the newborn insert, is he comfortable? My daughter screamed for a big chunk of a motorway journey when she was younger - we pulled over at a service station for me to feed her as thought she was hungry but she just threw it back up. Only when we realised the newborn insert was a bit snug and removed it did we realise that that had been the problem - she was fine after that. My friend has also more recently found the same thing after going up a car seat size.

isitcrazyzzz Mon 03-Feb-20 13:47:22

Try the mirror thing. It might do the trick.

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