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Babies who hate car seat-toddlers who hate the car seat!?

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Whosenothavingfun Thu 30-Jan-20 12:01:30

DD 10 months has hated the car seat literally from birth, she screamed all the way home from hospital 🤣
I’ve tried many things, toys, mirror, taking/singing etc etc. Sometimes I’ll get a rare 10 mins of her being quiet on a journey but I’d say 8/10 she screams all the way somewhere. If I have a longer journey to go I leave during nap times so she falls asleep and I can breath a sigh of relief!
I think the major problem is that she hates laying down, always has done and screams during nappy changes for the same reason, as soon as she is upright again she’s fine.
So anyway my question is for anyone who has or had a similar child did they outgrow it as a toddler or am I doomed for this forever?? I’m hoping maybe when she’s big enough for the next size car seat that might help things, clutching at straws here lol.

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crazychemist Thu 30-Jan-20 16:47:35

They outgrow it. Sometimes because of a change in car seat! My DD Hated lying back, she would always struggle and try to sit and look around. It only got better when she was forward facing and sitting upright, so about 15 months or so I think. Sorry, hope yours gets better before that!

Sipperskipper Fri 31-Jan-20 08:33:58

My DD was similar. I actually crashed the car twice (only minor) due to her screaming. Was planning on rear facing until 4, but ended up switching to FF at about 18 months out of desperation. She loves the car now and journeys are a million times easier (and safer!)

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