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Attacked by wife's kids

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Wubbythewub Tue 28-Jan-20 16:41:53

I got married 2 years ago. My wife has 4 kids and it's honestly a living hell. Her 14 year old son calls her a cow and tells her to fuck off on a regular basis. About 6 months ago he kicked his 16 year old sister and best her up. The 20 year old son then started to fight with the 14 year old since he hit the sister. My wife was screaming for them to stop and I went to see what was going on. I told them to stop fighting and to go to there rooms. The 14 year old boy called his older brother who is 29 who cones up ever weekend to stay the both sleep in the same bed which I don't agree with...the 29 year old boy came up to sort the 20 year old out as the 14 year old boy tells lies. When the 29 year old boy came into the house I says I would like a can't with him he told me to fuck off I says get out my house he says fuck off I says if you don't get out I'm calling the police he them attacked me choking me at the throat. My wife pleaded with me not to call the police as she says it will make things worse. I left the house for a week but she called me and says she will deal with it in future. The 29 year old still comes up every weekend staying Friday to Sunday and sleeps in the same bed as the 14 year old. The 14 year old has told me to fuck off as I've challenged him how he speaks to his mother I've spoke to my wife concerning this but her answer is "what can I do" but she rewards him by buying him expensive clothes etc.mthe other day £120 trainers we're bought for him, the same morning he called her a cow and stupid idiot. He throws things around the house. I am at breaking point if I try to do the right things I'm made out I'm being unreasonable but i don't want this anymore as there will be a blood bath i think. I've been told by the 14 year old he will stab me. The 20 year old pays no dig money and had total disregard for the house

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ReallyLilyReally Tue 28-Jan-20 20:21:50

...I'm truly sorry, but I think you need to have a come-to-jesus talk with your wife and tell her that if she can't get her children under control, you will leave. Who owns the house?

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