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22mo Speech / play delay

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Ted0301 Fri 24-Apr-20 19:22:36

Yeah it’s literally just speech now smile especislly after reading up more on her hyper mobility, it’s explained a lot too.

DD started pointing (whole hand) about 4-5 months ago, but using her finger in the last 5-6 weeks.

Bless your DD she will literally just start and get used to it. Xx

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Newmomma2705 Fri 24-Apr-20 15:48:16

Thanks for the reply, that is so positive! Do you still have concerns about her or is it literally just speech now then? My DD will be 23 months this week. In the last week she has started to pretend to sweep and pour us cups of tea she now puts hers dolly down the slide and laughs, even though this isn't pretend play she wouldn't even bother with these types of toys a while ago. She still isn't pointing, when did your DD start? The SALT rang yesterday to try and help over the phone, she advised me to offer her 2 things to see if she will point... today she's pointed at the one she wants 3 times (with a few tantrums) such a worry all the time xx

Ted0301 Fri 24-Apr-20 14:30:56

Hi @Newmomma2705, she was 2 in March, Shes doing well with the pointing, but still not talking, but lots of new babbling sounds and noises, so I don’t think she will be long.
Pointing wise she started off using her whole hand then gradually over the past few weeks she’s started using her finger. She’s really good at pointing things out in her books, if you ask her where something in one of her books is 9/10 she gets it right. She’s also starting to recognise colours too, again through pointing to the correct colour. She still doesn’t really point to show an interest in something or to show me something (without me asking first).
Obviously we haven’t heard about a paediatrician appointment yet with everything going on.
As for pretend play, she doesn't initiate it, but if I say brush your dolls hair or give dolly her bottle then she knows what I mean. Although she does have a little shopping basket and till and started putting the pretend food in the basket and getting me to scan it lol. She’s slowly getting there.
I think with her being hyper mobile it can also affect their development (I’ve been reading into it more recently) she has a very cautious nature, she’s not one for climbing and jumping about (although she does run)

Sorry for the long reply.

How is your daughter doing?

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Newmomma2705 Fri 24-Apr-20 14:15:23

Hi @Ted0301 I see you commented on my thread a while ago and have just come across some of your threads. How is your DD coming along now? Our girls sound so very similar. X

Mummy0ftwo12 Fri 31-Jan-20 23:43:37

My DS was delayed in speech, pretend play, pointing etc - he didn't point until 2.5 and uttered his first unclear couple of words just before 3, his understanding was also delayed - but he is doing really well at 4.5 now, not quite caught up with his peers but 90% of what he say's his understandable. He had intensive help though thanks to an amazing private speech therapist, a wonderful nursery, and a paediatrician who forced the LEA to fund 1-1 support at nursery, he's now in main stream school and doing really well there :-)

Once you are on the waiting list for the community developmental paediatrician you can call their secretary and ask to take any cancellations - that might get you seen quicker.

AladdinMum Tue 28-Jan-20 14:46:57

It is concerning that at 22M she is not pointing or showing little pretend play so I do agree it is recommended that she sees a pediatrician. Ultimately she will need to a see a development pediatrician (but waiting times can be long, in excess of a year depending on area)

Ted0301 Mon 27-Jan-20 19:38:08

Hi I have a 22month old DD, she was a late walker due to being hyper mobile, she doesn’t talk (only babbling and groaning) she doesn’t point, but understands a lot of what you say to her or ask her to do.
She’s been to see SALT And they said she had a speech and play delay (she doesn’t really pretend play such as feed a doll etc) so they have recommended for her to be referred to a paediatrician, so they can asses her overall development.

So my questions really are; has anyone else had a child of similar age with similar issues and if so how did they catch up?

Also I’m wondering if it’s worth going private to see someone about her development as the SALT said that there is a big waiting list sad if so what sort of person would she need to go and see?

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