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Advice for 3 week old colicy baby

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surreygirl1987 Wed 05-Feb-20 20:00:34

I had massive oversupply which I think was an issue for my son. A dummy helped to sooth him.

annon789876 Tue 04-Feb-20 03:01:44

Swaddling during the 'witching hours' seemed to work for us- hang in there it does get easier and goes away x

isitcrazyzzz Mon 03-Feb-20 14:34:15

Forgot to mention, both of mine had seen osteopaths therapist. Until now I can't decide if it worked at all, but I saw some mums swears for it.

isitcrazyzzz Mon 03-Feb-20 14:31:41

Both of mine had colic. DS1 was the worst and even now at 7 years age his involuntary burps could still be shockingly massive and loud. So I think it must be the way his digestive system works...Windy.

DS2 is 8 months now. He was quite be until 3/4 months ish. I had been giving him Colief. Still not sure if it worked but it did appear if I stopped giving to him, the following days would have been a relapse.

Also I found most of the time, the wind is trapped on the left side of his body (somewhere under his ribs beneath the armpit). So I learned to concentrate on that area when burping. It's still the case at 8 months old.

When his body became a bit stronger, I would wriggle his upper body a bit (gently). Sometimes the burp would get wriggled out.

Also my milk is overly"forceful" and goes too fast. That didn't help when he was young as he gulped in too much air trying to keep up. I then learned to feed him when he's lying on top of me so the gravity could help slow down the flow.

Don't know others, but for DS2, it's still a long way before we come out from the gasy influence. At 8 months old, he couldn't nap on his back as the wind would wake him up within 10 minutes. So he naps on me in the day. At night, usually he could cope a few hours in his cot. But by after midnight, the gas we!t through to his butt and coming out as big farts which hurt him into awakening. So usually the second half of the night he sleeps on me, as I'm too sleepy to deal with the frequent wakeups.

Happy4ever88 Tue 28-Jan-20 00:14:32

I'm using infacol but it doesn't seem to help. Might try gripe water next. Thanks @Babs5693

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Babs5693 Mon 27-Jan-20 19:04:13

Hi, I have so much sympathy for you and your baby, our DD has colic and it was terrible. We used infacol, if that does work try gripe water, we found a dummy helped (never used one with our son) dark room, darker the better, white noise too. The dummy for us made the most difference and seemed to sooth her.

Happy4ever88 Mon 27-Jan-20 14:42:59

Hi everyone,

My 3 week old has really bad colic pain. I breast feed him as much as I can and also give him formula to top it up. Any advice on how to get him to burp properly or get rid of the trapped gas in him?

Thank you

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