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Newmums16 Mon 27-Jan-20 14:06:52

My 3.5 year old goes to nursery 3 half days a week. She is a very shy child and it takes her ages to get comfortable with new people (she has a physical disability so I am not sure if the shy/anxiousness is related). Today the nursery supervisor told me they are having trouble keeping her in the room during story/music time. She won't sit in the group and they think it's noise related. They have tried sitting her away from the group with a 1-1 but often she will just wander out the room and sing from afar. The problem is that the other kids had started to follow suit (wandering) so they can't allow her to to this now. They want me to think of a solution. I know she can be funny with noise sometimes but I think in this situation its the social aspect + noise because she is fine at soft play (that can get REALLY loud!) but a party at soft play for example she wouldn't join in because it's too noisy/shy. Has anyone been through this or any advice. Sorry for the long post!

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Newfloorlamp Mon 27-Jan-20 16:47:51

Not been in this situation but could they or you provide some children's ear defenders for your dd to help make it quieter and allow her to muffle the noise? Or they could plan for this and allow the children to go to a quiet den or something across the room if they don't want to join in. I can emphasise with your dd and often head out of my open plan workplace for a bit of peace/ to get away from noise and people. I get they have to manage the group but seems strange they can't/ don't plan in for the children who might need extra support or allowances sometimes.

ReallyLilyReally Mon 27-Jan-20 17:39:29

The nursery that hosts our baby group has a couple of kids like that - what they do is have the kid's key worker sit with the kid in their lap for circle time, LOTS of cuddles and reassurance. You could also ask them to see if they could make sure she's got plenty of space? Or maybe getting her settled in the circle time area first and distracting her with a toy or story or cuddle as the others come sit down? That one could potentially make it worse as she might then feel surrounded, but it might also work?

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