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If your child has Autism, what were they like as a baby ?

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Elmo311 Mon 27-Jan-20 13:53:33

Hi everyone,

I hope you don't mind me asking you all this question!
I'm just wondering because my daughter is almost 10 months old, she's got allergies and a few other things going on, but the reason why I'm asking is because she-

- Doesn't laugh - she has occasionally giggled for one second but then that's it. She smiles a lot though and has great eye contact.

- She is very quiet and serious. People always comment that 'she's such a good baby!' Because she's so quiet.

- She doesn't crawl yet, or show any interest in it. (I know all babies are different)

- She does not babble.

She has started to clap and wave, which is so cute to see!

The main reason I ask is that it has been mentioned by our paediatrician/ SALT / Dietitan, that she could have a global delay or Autism.
Obviously I know that she is very young, and there's no way she could be diagnosed at this point. I'm just curious to know if anyone else's baby presented the same!

I'm more 'tuned in' to these things because there is only 10 months between her and her brother, who never stops laughing and met all milestones as they came. So if I didn't have him I may not have been aware that she's a little different!

Love her to bits though, but I do wish she'd laugh!

Interested to hear from anyone!

Thanks 😊

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DefConOne Mon 27-Jan-20 16:02:30

My DD was nothing like this at all but it's such a wide spectrum. We though ADHD as she was a poor sleeper and always on the go. No communication problems and hitting all milestones. They are all so different though. Hopefully someone else can advise. Have you tried the Mumsnet SN boards? Lots of helpful people there.

Elmo311 Mon 27-Jan-20 16:12:12

@DefConOne Hi, thanks for your response!
I guess that time will tell (hopefully). I have tried the SN board but no one responded sad

Don't know where else to ask!

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Babydevelopment1 Mon 27-Jan-20 18:33:30

My daughter has autism, she never waved, clapped or pointed. Her eye contact was awful. She was always content to play by herself and never tried to engage anyone in her play. She did have babbling but by 13 months she lost all her sounds and was literally mute. She was never interested in children she’d never look at them or seek to play. Looking back there were so many red flags but I didn’t see any of them.
She’s 4.5 now and is still non-verbal but she is making great progress, with therapy and work she had become much more engaging and is currently being potty trained. She’s going to school now in September and uses a communication device.
I’m not saying your child has autism, it is such a wide spectrum and please don’t dwell on it just enjoy your baby. I thought autism was like the end of the world for us but it’s not, our little girl has just progressed at her own pace and is doing great.

Arhumuk Mon 27-Jan-20 21:30:05

@DefConOne if she was hitting all her milestones what developmental impairment prompted an assessment for autism?

Just asking as I'm curious asi thought it's a pervasive disorder?

DefConOne Tue 28-Jan-20 09:44:00

Arhumuk she was always very strong willed and 'spirited'. Didn't respond to discipline and ran away from us a lot. Very good imagination and loved playing with others but on her own terms. Would need down on her own from her friends at nursery. Sensory issues from very young age, very distracted, poor sleeper, loud noises resulted in melt downs.

All fell apart first term in primary but we got blamed as poor parents until perfectly behaved child number two started school. Wandering around class room when every one else working, melt downs if someone else touched her while sitting on the carpet, throwing things round the class room and screaming. Teachers didn't understand because she is so articulate so thought she was choosing to behave that way. School were useless so I went to the GP when she was 6 convinced it was ADHD. Diagnosed with ASD (would have been Aspergers under old criteria) at age of 8.

She has PDA (pathological demand avoidance) profile of ASD. Now in year 7 and finally found a school that understands.

tostaky Tue 28-Jan-20 22:13:54

Such a great story Defcom - O am glad to hear she is happy in Y7!
She sounds just like my Y6 boy who has a diagnosis of ADHD but professional keep commenting that he doesnt look "ADHD"!
Unfortunately we are still seen as bad parents at school despite two very well behaved younger siblings... DS1 is so bright they cant understand the bad choices and behaviours

Arhumuk Wed 29-Jan-20 07:28:16

@DefConOne thanks for the response. Interesting because I've read so much but actual accounts occassionallyseem to contradict what's out there as information.

So what about pointing. Was she pointing before or at 18 months to request and share thing? It seems that this is supposed ti indicate autism if not present by the 18 month mark.

Also motor skills any indication of delay uneven gait or poor balance which is usually associated with aspergers. Or poor fine skills like holding a pen by 3.

Hope you don't mind me asking just trying to educate myself so much BS online.

Bee2828 Sat 01-Feb-20 21:05:02

My son is 8 and has autism.

I didn’t notice at the time as a baby but there was subtle signs.

He was a dream baby. He never cried, never wanted picking up, slept through the night (this has changed now 🤣), he never made eye contact and would be fascinated by lights.

It was like he was in his own little world.

But he was an extremely happy and giggly child (still is). He would laugh at absolutely anything! Even now he still doesn’t take things seriously!

He didn’t clap, wave or point until about 18 months til 2.

What you are explaining sounds very much like my daughter who does have not have autism. She smiled but never laughed. She was an extremely serious ‘miserable’ baby. You wouldn’t think it now though. She’s 4 and such a giggler. I do believe she was just busy talking the world in. She’s also absorbed everything around her whereas my son wouldn’t take any notice to what’s around him. She didn’t crawl until a year old. She wasn’t much of a babbler either but she’s doing great at 4 and has settled into school wonderfully despite being late meeting some of her milestones.

It’s a good sign your daughter is waving, pointing etc and making good eye contact!

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