Visual tracking, retained reflexes and autism/attachment disorder

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Mummyscrewedup Sun 26-Jan-20 21:39:27

An OT has picked up that my 5 year old has retained reflexes, she has visual tracking difficulties, sensory processing difficulties. She has social and emotional difficulties, a speech sound disorder, hypermobility.

There is an ongoing conflict over whether she is attachment disorder (due to witnessing ongoing domestic abuse aged 0-2) or autism. How might these difficulties link to either of these?

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Mummy0ftwo12 Sun 26-Jan-20 23:09:29

Only a Paediatrician can diagnosis OP and in the case of autism, that wouldn't just be a Paediatrician but reports would be sought from many professionals with a consultant Paediatrician overseeing. Is she already on the autism diagnosis pathway?

Attachment disorder would certainly imply social and emotional difficulties.

A speech sound disorder doesn't strike me as being linked with autism, a reception/expressive delay yes but a specific speech/sound disorder - not something i've heard of as being linked with either.

I think seeing a Paediatric Consultant is probably your quickest way to get answers.

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