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How can I help DS(7) with Friendships?

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GoneFishingAgain Fri 24-Jan-20 19:20:17

DS is 7,but quite young for his age. He really struggles with Friendships, often saying other children are mean to him or won't play with him. On probing, it sounds like they don't want to play whatever game he wants to, and he takes the huff. He is very sensitive and easily hurt.

I try to encourage playdates but he's quite set on who he wants to invite, and sadly playdates aren't often reciprocated. He's in a small village school, which generally suits him but doesn't offer a wide pool of potential friends.

He is generally okay playing at home alone but I worry about him growing up without close friends. How can I help him encourage friendships and generally support him socially? He's such a funny, caring and fun person at home but guess that isn't translating at school. Worrying about his lack of friends is really affecting my own mental health, when he comes home from school after a bad day it really upsets me and I don't know how to help.

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ReallyLilyReally Sat 25-Jan-20 10:02:27

Have you spoken to his teachers to get a bit more insight? Tried some out-of-school clubs/teams etc? Structured activities like sports/drama/music can be quite useful in helping kids develop social skills.

tostaky Tue 28-Jan-20 22:28:30

My son was the same, happy to be alone bit wishing he had some friends.
We went to see a child psychotherapist and after a year of weekly sessions my child has developed good circle of friend. He has a best friend, he does sleepovers, he is invited to playdates etc!
It was expensive and lenghty but totally worth it!!

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