Early wakening 18 month old

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Amymck Thu 23-Jan-20 07:23:35

I'm ready for the hills. My 18 month old is wakening at 5 or before ready to start the day. I keep him awake untill 11 and he naps for an hour and a half then hes awake untill bedtime which is usually between 7 and 8 pm. He eats really well all day then gets a large bottle of follow on milk before bed so he cant be hungry. I have to work 9-6 three days of the week so its draining my soul. It doesnt seek to matter if I bring his bedtime forward or push it later . SOS

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ReallyLilyReally Thu 23-Jan-20 09:14:07

What happens if you try resettling him in the morning? Or just leaving him to chill in his room? Does he seem really tired by the end of the day?

Amymck Thu 23-Jan-20 10:42:47

Thanks for answering.
He is non verbal atm and we are waiting on a referral for speach and language so he doesnt understand commands such as stay in bed etc he wakes up bright as a button, singing and wanting to run around,so there is no hope on that front.
After about 15 mins hes wanting breakfast. By nap time hes exhausted and falls asleep with no issue. Night time again hes exhausted but it's more of a fight to get him to sleep as he gets hyper after his dinner. I'm wondering should I bring the nap forward to say 9am and keep him awake then longer between the nap and bedtime? xx

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