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Why why why why!?!?

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Boredveryverybored Thu 30-Aug-07 23:09:56

Is my dd a little thief! She's 6 1/2 and she keeps stealing food from the kitchen. I just doon't get it. Nothing is denied, there is fruit out constantly for her to take. Anything else she knows she has to ask for but 9 times out of 10 she knows I'll allow her to have things.
But she keeps taking things, she doesn't even eat them just stashed them around her room.
After just taking washing up to put in her drawer and finding an entire vienetta melted all over her socks I have had enough!!

What do I do about this? Do I just have to get a lock on the kitchen door??

jellybrain Fri 31-Aug-07 00:02:16

Or get a freezer for her bedroom grin Sorry I'm being flipant hope someone more sensible comes along soon.

Ds (7) is always taking crisps and biscuits and hides the empty packets underhis least he did we have had builders in lately and he's been sleeping on a matress in his brothers room - no hidey hole = no crisp raids! Marvellous.

Oh and veinetta far more exciting than fruit of course.

onlyWotz Fri 31-Aug-07 00:08:38

maybe she need to start a collection of her own things.

bubble gum

that kind of thing. dd may just like to collect stuff?

FlameBatfink Fri 31-Aug-07 00:35:00

Sorry, no help, but pmsl @ the vienetta in sock drawer... I remember my sister sending me on biscuit raids in the evenings, but only that!!!

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