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Not answering questions normal?

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user1465541658 Fri 17-Jan-20 16:46:24

Hi my daughter is 22 months old she can say alot of words no problem, communicates with us no problem she tells us what she wants shouts us says single words in context frequently but she doesn't answer questions she just repeats the last word back to me an sometimes nods of its what she wants while repeating the last word back I'm getting really concerned now (thanks Google) did or does anyone elses child do this at this age and start answering questions If so when or should I be concerned.

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Jannt86 Fri 17-Jan-20 17:03:04

That sounds like she is answering you. She's nodding and reinforcing what it is she wants. And if she hasn't learned to say 'no' (the most obnoxious word in the English language) then just enjoy it whilst you can grin Mine's the same age and 99% of the time I have to remind her that I need an answer if I ask a question lol. If she's social and using a number of words in context then I wouldn't worry. It'll come

user1465541658 Fri 17-Jan-20 17:12:39

Hi unfortunately it's definitely not that as she knows where our body parts are particularly belly an often points out our belly as she finds it funny if I asked her if it's a belly or foot she says foot 🙈

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Jannt86 Fri 17-Jan-20 17:22:41

Mine does this too. I genuinely think she's doing it to wind me up when she gets tired of my BS questions tbh 🙈😄 Does she know how to say belly too? Coz she might just be saying what she knows how to say. Eg; Mine is starting to learn her colours and I do think she's getting it but if I ask her what colour something is it's always 'purple' because that's the only one she can say yet 🤣 Honestly she sounds fine. Just keep giving 2 choices for things and she'll become more proficient at answering. Like I say mine isn't great. She'll often not answer or make an indistinct grunt. Unless I ask if she's done a poo.... then it's 'Noooo' followed by running away or the tightest hug she can manage hmmgrin

AladdinMum Sat 18-Jan-20 23:43:31

Answering questions by repeating the last word of the question is normal language development, nothing to be concerned about.

user1465541658 Mon 20-Jan-20 13:37:02

Thanks ladies I guess I'm just concerned as her brother at the same age answered all questions no problem hopefully it'll come soon

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Jannt86 Mon 20-Jan-20 14:09:35

They're all different (I know we get tired of hearing this so sorry) I panicked coz mine seemed to be struggling to talk for a while but you know what? She could do jigsaws from 17months and had her shape sorter and stacking cups mastered by 14 months and a lot of people's kids are struggling with this at twice the age. And she's currently catching up with her talking but losing interest in her jigsaws a little. I reckon it really is true that most level out by school age and they sortof concentrate on one thing at a time. Like I said my LG is touch and go with answering questions and certainly doesn't really ask them yet (potentially has pointed at something and said 'da' in a whatsthat kindof tone but nothing more) I see understanding this nuance of communication more as an age 2 at least skill so I'm sure they're both fine. Stop reading google! It'll drive you mad. Trust me I know from experience grin xx

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