3.5 year old issues with leaving the house / nursery

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OhWhatAPalaver Thu 16-Jan-20 10:05:21

My 3 year old daughter has recently started not wanting to go anywhere. It's been a few months now and she never ever wants to leave the house. Not for park, trip to the farm or anything. It's very odd. She just wants to watch TV all day, which of course we don't let her do.
She has also started missing me and her dad and her sister when we aren't around and when she has to go to nursery she spends the entire morning upset, telling me she doesn't want to go and she'll miss me. She clung on to me at drop off today and got really very upset. I had to leave her in a state and felt awful. Then I rang as soon as I got home to see if she was OK and she was fine. She goes two days a week and starts school this year, I'm starting to worry what she'll be like going to school every day!
I understand it's really common to have drop off issues at nursery, my eldest did for a while but it's the not wanting to ever leave the house that I think is a bit odd. Even if I suggested soft play she will say she wants to go but then does everything humanly possible to avoid getting ready. It's so bizarre. Any suggestions/experience of this sort of behaviour?

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Stolenkisses Thu 16-Jan-20 20:08:00

Hi, not sure what advice to give, but just to let you know that my ds (just turned 4) is just the same. He is often anxious and always wants to stay at home with me as it feels safe and secure. He also struggles being left at preschool although it is a good nurturing setting. At home, he is happiest cuddled under a blanket watching television or playing quietly with play dough. The way we are dealing with it is to be accepting to an extent, whilst at same time trying to move him slightly out of his comfort zone through trying new activities. We’ve recently enrolled him on a yoga course, which he does struggle with as he is with unfamiliar adults and children. However as I stay and do it with him, he finds it more manageable. I’m also more relaxed about him being at home cuddled in front of the television if he has been at preschool in the morning or we have been out walking the dogs or something. I’m not sure how he will cope with school in September but I’m anticipating he will struggle with the drop offs and long days. At least you know you are not alone!

OhWhatAPalaver Tue 21-Jan-20 22:59:19

Thanks for your reply Stolenkisses, I totally forgot to check back on this thread!
Good to know that it's not just mine. Maybe she does just like her home comforts.

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