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Dairy intolerance breast feeding 6 week old

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Purpleburple123 Mon 13-Jan-20 18:48:49

Hi, my 6 week old DS who is breast fed has been extra fussy and crying today and not interacting so much with me.
Basically I was wondering if me eating a bit of dairy yesterday may have affected him negatively today.
I decided to give up dairy a week ago and he had seemed more settled, alert and sleeping more. Up until then he had been super fussy at the breast: writhing around, biting nipple, angry also has been projectile vomiting and gurgling if I lie him flat too soon after a feed. I now sit him up for 30 mins after a feed. Evenings he would cry and cry with no consoling.
Gp suggested i start giving him Infacol before feeds a week ago and he is farting/burping lots which means that trapped wind is not the culprit.
So today I Also noticed his poo has green bits in and for a week has been a healthy brown/yellow colour. ? Due to dairy

Am I looking into this too much as I know he's at the age where they are unsettled and cry a lot.

What are your experiences of dairy intolerance at that age and could one slip up yesterday affect his behaviour today??

Also to note I have a dairy intolerance myself but haven't been following a fully dairy free diet during pregnancy/after birth.

Sorry for the essay.

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JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 14-Jan-20 08:24:16

From what you've said, dairy could be the culprit. Have a read of this from Kellymom on dairy.

If you do still think it's dairy, the Infant Feeding and Allergy Sections on MN might help smile

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