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Potty Training..... perhaps it's not as easy as I thought!!?

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mishymoo Wed 29-Aug-07 16:31:29

Started potty training about 4 weeks ago. As expected, the first few days were hard - about 6 or 7 changes each day. DS is in nursery 4.5days/week so alot was left for nursery to deal with and they have been fantastic! Been doing really well and for the last 2 weeks there have been no accidents at nursery at all. Picked him up from nursery yesterday and between 5.15 and 6.30pm he p'd twice and poohed in his pants! He told me he needed to go se he sat on potty and nothing... then a few minutes later... he has accidents! We praise him every time he uses the potty as well as giving him stickers, etc. Do you think he was just having an 'off' day or is he testing us? Also, over w/end, he had another 3 accidents! Maybe I am expecting too much too soon but it seems we are going backwards! Advice needed please!

willandnathsmum Wed 29-Aug-07 21:48:25

Hi just thought id say just potty trained my two year old boy. It has taken three weeks to do to get him dry both day and night. First week we didnt leave the house and had accidents every day second week was just as bad third week finally clicked. Same as you we also had stickers which i take out with us and stick on his t shirt. We tried him when he was just two didnt work left it a month then tried it again so far so good. My theory was give it a week if had accidents everyday all day put potty or toilet chair stickers away give it a month then try again. It worked for me stopped us both getting stressed out.

mishymoo Thu 30-Aug-07 10:09:10

Thanks for advice. Well done you - to get him trained day and night in only 3 weeks!!! I think my DS was just having an off day on Tues - he was really good yesterday - no accidents at all!

kbaby Thu 30-Aug-07 13:09:39

Nursery pottytrained DD when she was 2.3yrs but even though I tried at home I could never get her dry and she was always having accidents even after 4 weeks of trying, so I just stopped trying. She wore knickers to nursery but when she came home I put nappies on her. Then a few months later I tried again and it just took 1 week with very few accidents.

willandnathsmum Thu 30-Aug-07 17:43:45

Theres no well done about it think it was just a fluke. I havnt been giving him as much to drink just at meal times and when he asks for one. Where as for before he would often have a cup of juice just there to sip at when he wanted to. If it had been up to me i would of gave up after three days, I think he knew that and would play up just to get a reaction out of me. Stick with it fingers crossed for you!

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