2 year old gross motor skills

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ForeverBaffled Mon 06-Jan-20 20:42:10

My DS is just 25 months and I have been looking at the ASQ questionnaire for 23-25 month olds. He’s scores well on all areas apart from gross motor where he is in the “grey” monitoring zone (lower end.)

He doesn’t yet jump off the ground with two feet together and doesn’t kick a ball with a swinging motion (he just walks into it to push it along the ground.)

How concerned do I need to be? He walks and runs well, climbs soft play bars competently and can walk up stairs with a handrail and downstairs with a handrail and my support.

The lack of kicking doesn’t surprise me as he shows zero interest in balls and always has. When I ask him to kick and show him how to he really has no desire to play along. Jumping too seem to bore him and he’ll just push up on tip toes rather than leave the ground and then do something else.

He’s an on and off tip toe walker but otherwise always seemed to be on track (crawled, cruised and walked early).

I stupidly googled all this and muscular dystrophy came up. I can’t stop worrying now. I struggle with health anxiety and need to get some perspective.

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AladdinMum Mon 06-Jan-20 23:27:49

The grey area (even on the lower end) is a pass and hence it should not be at all concerning.... if any serious impairment was present with his gross motor skills he would more than likely be scoring very low on the black area.

ForeverBaffled Tue 07-Jan-20 21:30:17

Thank you very much for your reassurance @AladdinMum, it’s appreciated. I guess it struck me as odd as he’s always scored ‘highly’ on gross motor in the past. But then again he’s been very focused on his language and fine motor skills in recent months so maybe that’s why.

I do need to do something about my anxiety. I think that’s the main issue.

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