Help please, Baby with brain abnormalities

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KayleysMum Mon 06-Jan-20 11:23:10

I am 22weeks pregnant.
I have found out my baby has brain abnormalities. Where her brain has not fully formed and Corpus Callosum has not joined the brain together. They have named it as microcephaly and brachycephaly which I am not familiar but have read some stories about it. I had a Fetal MRI done waiting for the results and preparing for the worst as all I have heard is the worst. I have been told my daughter may have serve learning disability and may have problems with mobility. They have given me the option to have a termination. This is my first pregnancy and I am so scared all I want is my daughter to be healthy. Would you know what I would be expecting if I decided to continue with the pregnancy? Might the Fetal MRI shown something different? I would love to know if anyone has been through the same and what were the outcomes?

Baby's HC 148.7mm
BPD 42.9mm
TCD 15.8mm
AC 163.7mm
FL 37.4mm
Fetal weight 404g

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JiltedJohnsJulie Mon 06-Jan-20 19:17:51

I'm so sorry that they have found some issues at the anomaly Kayley.

Have they been able to give you any information at all? When we were told that our first pg was not going to plan, we asked about other parents who had had the same diagnosis.

Our Consultant said that the baby was very unlikely to survive the pg and in her experience most didn't. She's had 2 that had survived but with severe disabilities.

Our diagnosis was different than yours though.

In the end we decided to terminate. It was devastating but both of us agreed. We could tell by just looking at the scan that the baby really wasn't well, it just sort of lay there.

At the time it was awful and a huge shock but I know have two children.

Have they given you the details of any support numbers like ARC?

It's not easy is it? thanks

Tilly09 Tue 07-Jan-20 11:37:42

Hi. We were told our baby had a rare severe defect and unlikely to survive etc. I couldn’t put my baby girl through pain and the outcome been death. We got second opinions and done all the research etc but nothing could fix it.
My angel spread her wings when I was 6 months pregnant. Nearly 2 years later I have post traumatic stress. The grief will be with me till we meet again but I know she’s in a safer place now. She just wasn’t compatible for our world. There’s not a day that goes by I don’t think about her. It’s hard real hard no parent should have to make any such decision but we do. Life’s hard we think it should always be kind to us but it’s not. I can’t help with brain as ours was heart. But as above said go to the ARC website they will be parents on there been through the same thing.
Take care and be kind to yourself X

JiltedJohnsJulie Tue 07-Jan-20 19:15:42

How are you today @KayleysMum? thanks

bbb2019 Sat 11-Jan-20 04:04:14

Sending you love & thinking of you xx

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