New born with curved base of skull, something to be concerned about?

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KevinW21 Sat 04-Jan-20 17:55:39

Hi All

I apologise if this is the wrong place to post this. But I'm hoping with the huge collective experience of members, I can get some advise.

Our daughter is just over 1 week old, she seems like a healthy angel, and doing all of the things a newborn does (Eating, pooping, sleeping, crying and melting hearts - rinse and repeat).

But I'm concerned about the shape at the back base of her skull, it has quite a pronounced curve to it, rather than tapering into the neck.

Photo 1
Photo 2

Is this common? Does it look normal?

It's symmetrical and even all the way round, also the midwife said it was nothing to worry about and "just the shape of her head". She was also later checked by a paediatrician who checked the scalp sutures and said everything felt fine.

This has somewhat put my mind at ease. but being first time parents, we've got no previous experience to call upon, and whilst there is the vanity aspect for her later in life, our primary concern is any health implications this could have (brain development etc).

Many Thanks

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KevinW21 Sat 04-Jan-20 17:57:53

Sorry, for some reason, Photo 2's link did not work:

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chester18 Sun 05-Jan-20 00:41:54

If she's been checked out I'm sure everything is absolutely fine. Heads come in all shapes and sizes and change a lot as they grow. My niece has quite a bump at the base of her skull and though you don't notice it now with all her hair it looked really pronounced for a while.

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