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Leg tremors?

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BibiThree Mon 27-Aug-07 22:01:41

I've got 6 week old tiwns who were born 5 weeks early and since birth they've had leg tremors where one or both legs goes rigid then shakes for a few seconds - is this normal? I don't remember dd doing that at all and it's starting to worry me.


tee4two Tue 28-Aug-07 11:06:07

Sorry I can't throw any light on this subject, but just to tell you that my ds3 who is 6 weeks also does this and has for the last couple of weeks. A bit like when you tickle a dogs belly and the back leg goes like the clappers!
I really dont think its anything to be concerned about, maybe just a reflex thing, but then I'm no expert!

Hope this helps a

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