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When will my dd start walking?

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TaraQ Mon 27-Aug-07 14:19:40

My dd has never crawled and I don't think she will - shows absolutely no sign nor interest in being on her front or crawling. She wants to walk ALL THE TIME and is happy as long as we have her hand to walk her around - a nightmare on the back! She can push her push along well and is now happy one-handed which is great. But when will she be able to walk independently? Does she have to be able to stand still without support before she can walk unaided? My back is desperate and she is so frustrated at not being able to get around on her own.

tribpot Mon 27-Aug-07 14:21:22

Erm, obvious question perhaps, but how old is your dd?!

Tommy Mon 27-Aug-07 14:21:22

how old is she?

macneil Mon 27-Aug-07 14:24:50

I have two friends whose babies never crawled, went straight to walking at between 11 and 12 months. Mine is coming up to 9 months and has been crawling for only a few weeks, and now doesn't seem to want to crawl any more, it's all about standing and trying to walk. So I don't think the crawling phase is incredibly long anyway. Crawling helps them walk unaided, I guess, because they can go round the furniture holding on, then when the furniture ends, crawl to the next bit and get around that way. But I think this is not uncommon.

Also not uncommon is babies being frustrated at not being able to get around on their own!

OriginalUglyBetty Mon 27-Aug-07 14:24:59

ds was walking round the furniture at around 10 mnth and walking by 12 months (although unsteady). Their confidence improves and they just let go and take their first steps then slowly do more and more. grin

But they each do it when they are ready there is no deadline im afraid. You could try a push around walker (dependant on age now).

TaraQ Mon 27-Aug-07 17:18:08

How stupid am I??!! She is nearly 11 months!!She has been desperate to be on her feet for the past 3 months or so but literally wants to walk ALL THE TIME!!!

NAB3 Mon 27-Aug-07 17:19:00

She will probably walk in the next few months and you may regret the fact she is more mobile..........

cylon Mon 27-Aug-07 17:19:22

anything up to age 18 months is considered perfectly normal. so anytime really.

macneil Mon 27-Aug-07 17:39:08

^you may regret the fact she is more mobile..........^

This is what people told me! Listening to the 40 or 50 head bonks a day, I can only agree wholeheartedly. Those little sluggy things that lie there and bleat cutely are so EASY, I just didn't KNOW it then!

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