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1 year old doesn't eat. HELP

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miarose22 Sun 29-Dec-19 18:52:58

I posted a while back that my LG hardly eats solids and still relies heavily on breastmilk. She's now one and hasn't got any better. I'm at a loss. Does anyone have any help or advice please?

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MrsTumbletap Wed 01-Jan-20 12:17:51

You need to cut down on breast milk to encourage more food. Imagine drinking a massive milkshake that filled your belly, then someone offering you a sandwich. You wouldn't want it.

At one they can just drink cows milk from a cup and have toast or weetabix type thing for breakfast, lasagne for lunch etc.

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 01-Jan-20 20:27:11

Have you thought of night weaning now they are one?

mummytooneLG Wed 01-Jan-20 22:26:22

@MrsTumbletap I'm not really sure how to go about cutting the breastfeeding. She screams and claws at my chest, lifting my top until I give in

mummytooneLG Wed 01-Jan-20 22:26:55

@JiltedJohnsJulie how do I go about night weaning? Is it a case of dropping feeds in the night?

JiltedJohnsJulie Wed 01-Jan-20 22:55:41

If you click on the words night weaning in my post, it will take you to Dr Jack Goodman's article on night weaning smile

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