18m old development regressing

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Anastarsia Fri 27-Dec-19 06:36:39

Hello! I am am the auntie to an 18m old little boy. I often care for him while his mother and father work.
Initially he was a very happy attentive little boy, full of smiles. But in the last 6m he has stopped responding to his name, however loud or animated I am.
When I take him out he just lies in his buggy and ignores me and everything around him.
He used to say a few individual words words, but now he doesn’t use any words, just noises if he gets annoyed or wants the next bite of food fed to him.
he Doesn’t walk yet, but can stand aided by the side of the sofa.
He make very little eye contact if at all. Sometimes he will catch my eye for a split second, but never hold it.

I expressed to his mum that I am worried about the regression of his social development, and she just got very upset and angry with me.
Saying that he’s often fine at home, and gives her plenty of eye contact and usually responds to his name.
But I have never seen this. When she comes to collect him from mine he refuses to acknowledge her. She will call him and call him and he will just carry on with what he’s doing. Sometimes she will get right down next to his face and he will just move his head to look around her.

Most of the photographs they take he is always just staring blankly at the floor, never smiling.

I looked after their 1st child, and he was nothing like this. So I have a comparison. They are totally different in physical development and social development.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Rainallnight Sat 28-Dec-19 22:38:39

That sounds like it’s a worry for you, understandably. My DS shares some of these issues and the health visitor recommended speech therapy as a first step, and also that we fill out the M-Chat questionnaire online. It’s a screening tool for ASD. It’s hard, though, as you’re not the parent. Does he go to any other childcare? Is there anyone else who’s noticed and could say something? It’s phenomenally stressful and upsetting to think something’s going wrong with your child’s development, but the earlier it can be identified, the earlier she can get help.

AladdinMum Sun 29-Dec-19 00:36:23

You do have valid concerns, loss of skills at 18-24M are always a cause for concern and should be investigated.

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