3 year old wetting self and lashing out

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Ky31 Thu 26-Dec-19 20:59:03

My daughter has been potty trained for nearly a year. She started morning nursery 4 months ago and initially has issues wetting herself as she was too distracted playing. We seem to be over that hurdle at school but the past 2 weeks she has started wetting herself at home. Once or twice I think it was a genuine accident but just recently she calls me saying "Mommy I'm weeing!" Instead of using her potty or asking to go upstairs to the toilet.

I've tried bushing it off like it's no big deal, tried leaving her to sort herself out with clean clothes and tried telling her it's naughty if it's on purpose. None of this seems to be having any effect.

On top of these incidents, she has become incredibly aggressive towards me, occasionally to her dad too, but more so to me. For example tonight when settling her to sleep she suddenly shouted in my face, "I don't want you!" And headbutt me so hard in my nose that it crunched! I burst into tears from the pain and had to call her dad to take over. When her dad asked her to apologise she said, "I don't want to. Go away Mommy!"

Some days she's so loving, she will cuddle with me and kiss my cheek and say she loves me but recently the violent outbursts are becoming more frequent and I can't see a link as to what is triggering them!

Is it a 3 year old thing?

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