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11 Month old IUGR Preemie development

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Cardoso3 Tue 24-Dec-19 00:41:21

Hello all,

I'm new to this but am really looking for advise/reassurance...
DD is now 11months old (9.5adj) and weighs just over 12lb was born IUGR weighing 3.5lb at 33 weeks 6 days. The cause was unknown and I didn't have high blood pressure/pre-eclampsia etc...
she's been slowly growing at her own curve under 0.4th centile (almost back on the charts) she's a fussy eater, sitting up but we still put pillows around. She kicks and rolls but hates tummy time and showing no signs of crawling (seems she doesn't have upper body strength) we were told she has slight low muscle tone in the hips so I guess that adds to it. She babbles and is super alert in general, but not clapping or pointing yet but bashes everything lol
My concern is she's almost 1years old and can't pull herself up to cruise and bearly puts weight on her legs, won't make a single effort with tummy time. Is there something I'm going wrong or how can I help? OHP saw her at 6months and said she's fine just mentioned the slight low muscle tone. I'd hope she would be crawling by now.

Anyone one else with a similar experience and if so when did your LO achieve their milestones?
I'll be going back to work soon and she'll be at the childminder 4 days a week and I'm just concerned and feel bad for leaving her while she's still developing...
sorry for the rant

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Harrysmummy246 Wed 25-Dec-19 20:06:47

I think you have to remember that the adjustment is there for a reason. She's not really nearly a year old.

My big but born at 38w boy didn't crawl much before 11 months if at all and even at 2.5 is slower for physical milestones.

But every child is still developing in some way, at whatever age you leave them

charlotteodonnell Wed 25-Dec-19 22:16:41

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