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What are appropriate portion sizes for a four year old boy?

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EscapeFrom Sat 25-Aug-07 16:25:39

His eating habits are really variable, and I never know how much to put on his plate so as not to wqaste 7/8 of it, or how much to put in his lunchbox.

juuule Sat 25-Aug-07 16:34:02

Keep reducing the portion size until he eats it all without asking for more. That should do it.

Othersideofthechannel Sat 25-Aug-07 16:34:23

Hmm, DS is 4 and his appetite varies so much. Home food is ok because we do a small portion then reserve but lunchbox is a tricky one.
When we have a sandwich meal at home I'd say he eats two slices of bread with cheese inside, one large piece of fruit and another thing eg yoghurt.

MerlinsBeard Sat 25-Aug-07 16:38:04

Usually my 4 yo will havew one slice of bread with something in between (going thru a soft cheese phase at mo), some cucumber and a cherry tomatoe or 2, some fruit and a carrot stick or a few cheddars or similar.

I started a thread recently asking for packed lunch ideas (as per your other thread) but not many people replied, i hope you get some! There was a good suggestion on tehre though....make the portions slightly smaller as they will gawp at other s=children in the canteen and not have chance to eat it all, then give a big snack as soon as they get home

Othersideofthechannel Sat 25-Aug-07 16:42:44

First time DS ate in the school canteen (school dinners) it was chips which he loves but he hadn't time to eat any before the dessert arrived because of the gawping at others and other distractions!
Deliberately chose a chips day so that he would enjoy the first experience! Should have chosen ratouille day instead grin

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