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Please help! Pulling our hair out :(

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BB081 Mon 23-Dec-19 14:56:18

Our baby is 4 months old. She is going through a BIG leap (lasting the whole of December to be precise, and don’t we know it!) which in itself is a nightmare.

She was sleeping through the night, now she’s up all the time crying, it’s like having a newborn again! Anyway, she won’t feed. She does her hungry cry and becomes inconsolable. NOTHING will stop her crying, until she gets too tired and falls asleep (this only happens sometimes and when she’s been crying for a good chunk of time). We tried lactose free milk incase that was the issue, but she had the same reaction.

As soon as we lie her back in our arms to feed she just screams and screams and it’s almost like a bad tempered, tantrum like scream and cry. She claws at our faces and it’s awful! She spent all day Friday crying (as did I) and when my husband came in from work, I was inconsolable. I’m exhausted and feeling really anxious and stressed about this.

She’s tired but won’t sleep, she’s hungry but won’t feed and just becomes a nightmare.

Does anyone have any advice?

Thank you

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 23-Dec-19 15:05:50

does she have any other symptoms of reflux link of symptoms, as that can cause lots of crying and upset during feeding

BB081 Mon 23-Dec-19 15:17:11

She had colic for the first 9 weeks and it went away. She’s been a bit fussy with feeding since she was born, but it’s particularly bad now. I can only seem to feed her properly when she’s asleep or when she feeds in the middle of the night. These are the only 2 occasions that she will take a bottle without fuss!

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sleepismysuperpower1 Mon 23-Dec-19 15:25:54

apparently reflux can 'spark up' at 3-4 months ( i didn't know that) so might be worth considering? have you tried feeding in an upright position, and feeding smaller amounts frequently as opposed to all at once less frequently? That might help a little

BB081 Mon 23-Dec-19 15:53:49

@sleepismysuperpower1 I didn’t know that either. We have tried sitting her more up right, but as soon as she see’s the teet coming towards her/ when we are trying to put it in her mouth she cries, or sometimes she has a couple sips and then cries. Because of the issues at the moment she has been snacking all day opposed to taking the full bottle all at once, which in itself isn’t working because she’s clearly hungry and unsettled.

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crazychemist Mon 23-Dec-19 22:13:11

What are your feelings on a dummy? There’s a really common sleep regression at that age. Many babies want to suck for comfort between sleep cycles as they start to struggle to get back to sleep. But they get uncomfortably full if they feed every time they wake.

BB081 Mon 23-Dec-19 23:55:02

@crazychemist she has a dummy. She’s definitely got sleep regression and has only become reliant on the dummy since her sleep regression started!

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crazychemist Fri 27-Dec-19 22:24:42

Burping issues? My DD got terrible wind at that age and couldn’t go to sleep until she was comfy. Infacol just before a feed was very useful to her at this age.

Babs5693 Tue 31-Dec-19 19:29:47

Hi, my DD has reflux and what you are describing is that, especially when she is crying at the site of a bottle which means it’s causing her discomfort, take her to the doctors. Regarding sleep regression there is millpond sleep consultants you could try but if they suspect reflux they would want it under control before starting. Until you are in at the doctors let her have her dummy as much as she wants as sucking helps reflux. It sounds like silent reflux.

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