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Tummy time

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tytytyty Fri 13-Dec-19 22:29:34

My 5 month old doesn't hold his head during tummy time. As soon as I put him on his belly he just screams, I've used tummy time roll toys to try lift him a bit to help, I use toys infront of him, nothing works. I told health visitor on many occasions and all she says is "more tummy time" but clearly it isn't working. He hates it and will rather scream or just lie with his face to the side on the floor. Anyone else had a baby this old still hating tummy time? Any tips? He can hold his head perfectly when I hold him upwards, and has even started to lift his top half up when in hold him to feed, so I know he has built some strength, but still worried about tummy time

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SquigglePigs Sun 15-Dec-19 13:06:20

Could you try lying on your back then putting him on his tummy, on your tummy? He might find it a little less objectionable. Also a book that he likes propped up to encourage him too look? When my DD was tiny I'd literally do a minute or two at a tone and pick her up as soon as she got annoyed and she gradually started going longer and longer.

SquigglePigs Sun 15-Dec-19 13:10:41

Meant to add don't worry about it too much especially if you know he's developing neck strength in other ways.

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