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Boyomama11 Thu 12-Dec-19 21:27:32

So on the ASQ 27 month theres a question about your child putting on a coat by themselves.

If I hold the coat DD puts one arm in, do a sort of twirl then put the other arm in by herself and actually get the coat on herself, it's just me holding it, she's doing the legwork. She does this 90% of the time.
Would you say this counts as 'yes' or 'sometimes'?
Any answers from health visitors/ professionals who know what the asq is looking for would be particularly helpful

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AladdinMum Fri 13-Dec-19 10:54:18

This question is under the personal-social section so it is asking less about her physical ability to put on her coat and more about her understanding of why she needs to put on her coat. i.e. if you are going out, does she get (or wait for) her coat (without you having to ask her?), i.e. does she understand that it is cold outside and that everyone wears coats outside and hence she needs to wear a coat? if yes, then together with your description I would mark it as "always". However, note that the ASQ is very general and overreaches massively so it really does not matter yoo much if you mark "sometimes" or "always" - the ASQ is really only useful to identify children 'at risk' which that are falling behind across multiple areas (in the black) - if your child is doing generally well across the ASQ then there should be little difference between "always" and "sometimes" in the questions and little difference between "white" and "grey".

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