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Tummy time

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Elise87 Tue 10-Dec-19 11:01:57

Does anybody else's baby hate tummy time? My little boy is 13 weeks old, i try do tummy time daily and have done since he was couple wks old, the thing is he hates it he cries and face planks the floor, ive tried it on different surfaces, on cushion, dangling toys etc and he still hates it. He has good head control though, he lifts his head looks around on my shoulder, i often sit him up on my knee holding at the waist and he keeps his head sturdy for ages, its just tummy time! Any tips?

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Mizydoscape Tue 10-Dec-19 13:13:29

Yep! I had one of those at 13 weeks. She was the same at 14-17 weeks as well. Now at 18 weeks she is only just managing to enjoy a couple minutes at a time. I think the difference is she can now lift her head and shoulders and prop herself up on her front. Tbh I didn't push the matter, just tried again every so often (maybe once a week). If she cried I picked her up and didn't try again for a few days.

I think a lot of pressure is put on parents to get their children to do tummy time nowadays. Pretty sure it wasn't around years ago and we all still learned to walk and hold our heads up steady.

Elise87 Tue 10-Dec-19 13:26:19

Glad its not just mine! When ive been to a couple of baby classes i dread the tummy time week lol, i know what you mean though there seems to be alot more emphasis on tummy time nowadays and they all learn to crawl etc even not doing it much

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Mizydoscape Wed 11-Dec-19 14:31:14

I feel you. I'd look around at everyone else's babies all loving tummy time, trying to lift their heads and mine would just be face planted crying lol.

She would tolerate a little more if I sat on the sofa or floor and laid her across my thighs. Have you tried that? Another idea which didn't work so well with mine, but worth trying, is if you lie on the floor and put baby on your chest/stomach.

Elise87 Wed 11-Dec-19 15:48:07

Yep thats how i feel too lol, ive tried both, he tolerates on the chest a little longer but not much more! Funny thing is when he starts to get pissed off he actually does lift his head a tiny bit but then gets more angry and its game over

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