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10 month old not eating much

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clairemade Mon 09-Dec-19 22:06:21

Hi all,

My 10 month old is a super active little boy who has always been slightly under his centile (25th). He used to eat loads but has recently stopped in the last month or so. He's has a throat and ear infection in the last week, but despite that it has been trending downwards for a little while. At his 9-12m review, his weight was dropping off of the 25th centile (before he was unwell) and so the HV said I should offer him more snacks and add cheese and butter to things. I do this, but he's barely been eating so I don't feel like it's making a difference.

I know I'm probably first time mum paranoid, but I worry about him. Other mums comment that he's little and I see that he is not as chubby like all of the other babies I see at playgroup, but also on the flip side He is also a lot more active which is great. I try not to worry, but struggle to hide my frustration and mealtimes...and now he won't take much from a spoon, only finger food. I feel like I've given him a negative experience with the spoon. He cries when I put it near him.

Anyone else dealing with something h similar? Should I be worrying or will it pass? Surely he can't reject food forever? I'm trying so hard and just want him to be O.K. I worry that he's going to waste away (which I know is ridiculous). Here's his schedule:

7am bottle 700ml
8.30am breakfast (usually has a few mouthfuls)
11.30 bottle (usually takes around 400ml)
1.30pm lunch (usually finger food as he doesn't like the spoon - sandwiches, cheese, omelette, veg, fruit etc)
3pm snack offered
5pm dinner (maybe takes a mouthful from a spoon, will usually eat more if it's spread on a cracker. Also sometimes takes fruit afterwards)
6.30pm bottle before bed (maybe takes a few hundred ml)

Any words of wisdom/advice would be hugely appreciated! smile

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