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2.5 year old attacking other children

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Louloubelleb Mon 09-Dec-19 15:56:40

My LO is 2.5 and an only child. All of a sudden he has started to ‘ go for’ other children. Mainly when they try to touch his toys but I’m noticing it more at play groups and parks etc. He hates it when anyone goes on the slide when he is .. and looks edgy when they run near him.
Today I had to take him out of play group as he got incredibly upset when any children came remotely near. Lots of crying and rolling around.
He literally jumped on his one year old cousin and pinned her to the ground a couple of days ago.
Naturally I’m stressed and worried he will hurt another child as he’s a large 2 year old. He comes from a stable home and goes to nursery part time. I’ve had his ears tested and he shows no symptoms of being ‘ on the spectrum’.
I’m assuming it’s only child syndrome?
Any tips anyone?

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doritosdip Mon 09-Dec-19 16:23:30

It's not an only child thing.

You need to spend the next year teaching him about how to handle his emotions and behave in the company of others.

It's a long journey that's harder for some than others but it will get better if you're consistent

Mini12 Wed 11-Dec-19 18:43:46

Hi there I just wanted to say I have the same with my LO. Just had an awful report from nursery so found myself looking on this board for advice. I think lots of sharing games have helped my lo (obviously not today) but nursery have helped with this and so I praise at home when she shares. If they go to nursery and your using consistent techniques at home they will learn, also hoping this for my own and hope my lo just had a bad day, however I was seeing progress with the sharing games and also reinforcing with positive praise and a milky way now and again!! Hope that helps

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