AIBU to be annoyed dh feeding ds before his dinner?

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Cornflakesncake Sat 07-Dec-19 20:47:28

Husband comes home with toddler ds. I serve a nice dinner and notice ds isn't interested which is odd as I knew he would be hungry. It then comes to light that dh has fed ds a filling sugary fruit snack of his choice when they were out right before the dinner he knew I was preparing for us all. Dh's reasoning was that ds was crying and people were looking so he gave him what he wanted. He then proclaims to say that I would have had to do the very same thing to which I replied I certainly would not I told him this was out of order and that he should have told ds no and that he would be getting his dinner when he got home in 5 minutes. AIBU to have disagreed with DH? Present situation is me having just scraped ds's uneaten dinner in bin and dh giving me frosty looks because I was annoyed and he is looking at me like I'm the ice queen. I have a new baby and feel I need dh to be supportive not cause issues that could have otherwise been avoided.

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Cornflakesncake Sat 07-Dec-19 21:15:31


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