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At what age should they not use a buggy at all?

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kitsandbits Wed 22-Aug-07 21:39:13


kitsandbits Wed 22-Aug-07 21:40:00

Debating on getting a double as DS1 gets tired sometimes - he is 2.8

DANCESwithDumbledore Wed 22-Aug-07 21:41:51

I still use one for ds (2.7yrs) partly because he gets tired but also because he's impossible to control in ths shops and just runs off <argh!>

kitsandbits Wed 22-Aug-07 21:43:48

Thats what im thinking.

He does have a buggyboard but doesn't want to go on it sometimes.

He does well walking, but its hard when we go busy places for long stretches of time.

So hes not too big?

CristinaTheAstonishing Wed 22-Aug-07 21:44:33

DD will be 2.7 when we have the new baby. I think I've decided against a double buggy and will try either buggy + sling or buggy + toddler board. DS was 4 before we finally ditched the buggy, although we didn't have a car at the time and we used to walk everywhere and for miles.

kitsandbits Wed 22-Aug-07 21:45:24

We dont drive either.

sweetkitty Wed 22-Aug-07 21:45:48

DD1 was 2.9 years although if I hadn't had DD2 and hated the double buggy I think she would have been in it longer. Great for containing them in busy streets = less stress for you.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Wed 22-Aug-07 21:57:30

my dd was just 2 when ds was born and had only been walking since 19/20 months so i decided that it was too much to ditch the buggy just yet and got a double, although previously i had been v. against them. However now she is 2.10 she is walking more confidently and will walk further as i dont drive this is important. depends on the child. and the season! i had a worry about a buggy board as ds was born nov so if dd was on the buggy board for any length of time she would have been soaked as no rain cover and she wouldnt have been able to hold an umbrella as i wouldnt have been able to push properly!

it all depends, jsut weigh up the options, i think each works well for different people!

HonoriaGlossop Wed 22-Aug-07 22:00:42

If you think he needs it sometimes, get a double. Don't feel you shouldn't - why on earth not? The buggy police won't stop you for having a 3 yr old in a buggy! I think lots of older kids need them now and again; you'll always have the person whose 2 year old walks for five miles without whinging but to be honest that's not planet reality for most of us.

I think it sounds like you'd get enough use out of it to merit a double buggy.

cylon Wed 22-Aug-07 22:01:17

three is a question mark.
four is a definite no no.

i once went shopping in london with three year old ds. ended up hving to buy a pushchair for him. he had a temperature, and i couldnt carry him as he was too big. bought a crappy little one for 21 ounds. worth it to me then.

Waswondering Wed 22-Aug-07 22:01:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cylon Wed 22-Aug-07 22:02:12

under three you can think of getting a buggy boards? but four year olds definitly dont need buggies

HonoriaGlossop Wed 22-Aug-07 22:15:32

There's not an age limit FGS! If they need it, use it!

How strange that people would set age limits on this.

cylon Wed 22-Aug-07 22:26:22

hg, unless a child has mobility issues, there is no need, other than sheer laziness on the childs part, to use a pushchair at the age of four.

expatinscotland Wed 22-Aug-07 22:27:37

Depends on the child.

Why put an age limit on it?

My DD1 has dyspraxia and tends to tire easily.

She used a buggy until she was almost 4.

HonoriaGlossop Wed 22-Aug-07 22:28:32

totally depends on the child, the distances travelled, etc. Putting an age limit on it is just so WEIRD!

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Wed 22-Aug-07 22:28:37

cylon! i see where you're coming from but it also depends on how far you walk how often you walk and the competance of your childs walking.

ime if your child walks late they tend not to get the confidence they need to walk some places quickly!

it's hard when putting an age limit as you don't know the circumstances.

scienceteacher Wed 22-Aug-07 22:29:19

No buggy at all, I'd say around 4.

However, I think it's good to start weaning them off around 2/2.5.

A buggy is a lifesaver when you have a tired and cranky 3.5yo, however. Not for them, as much as for you.

LIZS Wed 22-Aug-07 22:29:30

3 1/2 tops unless you walk a very long way often. Ours barely used it beyond 3. ds was 3yr 5months when dd was born , we had a kiddiboard and maybe used it 5 times.

You're just trying to talk yourself into yet another double , lol .

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 22-Aug-07 22:31:00

depends on the child really.

some kids get tired,
some kids bolt at any given oppertunity, some want to ride in one because younger sib does....

all these are reasons i have a double and ds1 has just turned 2.

the problem i have is he looks about 4 years old so i constantly get evils....

LadyOfTheFlowers Wed 22-Aug-07 22:31:54

weather and distance are my reasons as i dont drive either.

i cannot expect him to walk all the way to town or to tesco, then walk round town/tesco then walk home.

it kills me.....

FrayedKnot Wed 22-Aug-07 22:38:47

I stll use mine with DS (3.5) if we need to go shopping when he is tired because it is better than the chaos which usually ensues.

A few weeks ago he walked out of a shop and crossed the road outside in the space of about a minute (I thought he was hiding round an aisle but he had actually decided to walk to the toy shop) so it's buggy or nothing until I can shop safely with him.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Wed 22-Aug-07 22:43:20

FK, another reason of mine with dd, took the single buggy with ds and let dd walk to town the other day, what a mistake, she managed to get out of the doors of boots that i can barely open and across the (thankfully) pedestrian bit within seconds, id just turned to take ds's prescription from the pharmasist!! bloody scary!

cylon Wed 22-Aug-07 22:48:40

thats why i said four. ages two and three, it definitly depends on the child.
but as i said before, unless the child has monility issues, then there is no reason other than sheer laziness not to walk.

i dont expect my four year old to walk all the way to town, walk around it and walk back. my solution, however, is not sticking themn a buggy.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Wed 22-Aug-07 22:51:15

so your solution cylon?

if i have no car, there isnt a bus and i cant afford a taxi?

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