6 year old bad behaviour

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Osbornemrs Fri 06-Dec-19 22:23:30

So our son is 6 and he is doing amazingly at swimming, karate and football but at home we are having a nightmare of talking back and bad behaviour I just don’t know what to do..he is even getting aggressive with me and his dad where he pushes us physically. What can we do to improve the situation?

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Notodontidae Sat 07-Dec-19 13:06:23

You must act the instant he pushes you or is aggressive. I find it difficult to believe he hasn't shown signs before this incident, that have been ignored. However you will need to be assertive, get down to eye level and say sternly "You do not push like that" Take care he isn't getting mixed messages from play fighting with any of you. If he does not stop and apoligize, give him time-out for 5mins. Never let him get away with it even if your busy.

Osbornemrs Sat 07-Dec-19 21:45:21

He would probably refuse to have the time out if I’m honest. I think we have spoilt him too much that he thinks he can do what the hell he likes! I’m at a complete loss of how to stop this rude and awful behaviour

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MrsZumbaDancer Mon 16-Dec-19 19:54:59

Totally having the same with our soon to be 6 year old.. completely at a loss with what to do

purpleme12 Sat 21-Dec-19 01:56:09

My little girl is 6. While she's not pushing or anything I'm having the most awful attitude from her at the minute. I can't stand it. Answering back, muttering and just the awful attitude how she speaks sometimes. Hate it

I'm hoping to God it's a phase that don't go on too long

LF202 Sun 22-Dec-19 20:28:00

We’re having a hellish time with our 6 year old girl too. From the moment she wakes up until she screams herself to sleep, she is angry, rude, sad, unhappy and a complete nightmare.
She’s great at school and well behaved and really lovely to everyone else. She thinks we hate her and she hates herself but I don’t know why? She’s very jealous of her twin brother and attention seeking.
It’s ripping the family apart and Christmas feels pretty much ruined. I try so hard to keep her occupied and happy, I give her loads of attention - but discipline her when she needs it. For example, we went and saw Santa in the street tonight - ran out in our pyjamas and had fun - then she came back in the house and turned on me, saying she hated me and told me to get out her room. I mean, what 6 yo acts like that???
My husband and I are struggling as he doesn’t understand why I’m so upset and thinks I’m too soft. I’m at my wits end and totally devastated by it all.

Elizadoeslittle19 Thu 09-Jan-20 19:36:35

Oh gosh, I came on here to look for advice / start a thread on exactly the same issue
My DS is very nearly 6 but the last 3-4 months his behaviour has been so awful, exactly as you have all described as above answering back, cheeky, mimicking me, say I don't care, I'm not listening when I'm trying to discipline/ explain why what he has done is wrong. He has been hitting his younger brother and this is really not on, but he just won't stop it.
I have an issue with the hitting,in that I have to older SC, who fight all the time (this is a whole other thread) so I know some of it is copying what he has seen. But I need this to stop.
I've removed toys, left him in his bedroom for time out and after we've talked about it, he says he understands what he has done wrong... then it happens again the following day.
Tonight, I'm completely at a loss he has hit his brother repeat cycle of bad behaviour as above. I've removed as many toys as I physically could, the rest will be removed tomorrow... but I just don't know how to deal with this.
Funny thing is, you would not believe that his behaviour at school is completely the opposite, so well mannered, delightful, child, a pleasure to have in the class... really please can this boy come home !!
Gosh this turned out to be a lot longer than I expected, thanks for reading if you got this far and HELP !! smile

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