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my 3 yr old has started hitting and pushing other children

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ginna Wed 22-Aug-07 14:57:34

my 3 yr old daughter has become very difficult recently. she is constantly pushing the boundaries and no matter how we tell her off or discipline her it doesnt have any affect. today i picked her up from gymnastics only to be 'pulled to the side' and told that she has for the last couple of weeks been removed from the group several times for pushing and hitting people for no reason. I am really frustrated and confused. I had another baby 3 mths ago but she has been great with him so i dont know if this is the cause? any advice would be appreciated!!!!

tracyk Wed 22-Aug-07 14:59:07

Sounds as if she is missing the attention of being the only one.
Ignore the bad behaviour and praise to high heaven the good.

ginna Wed 22-Aug-07 20:31:03

thanks, you could be right. im going to make a big effort to spend some one on one time with her, just like we did before her brother was born. sometimes you cant see whats staring you in the face. thanks for your advice.

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