How to manage DS's social confidence?

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Thistledew Wed 04-Dec-19 09:11:34

DS is nearly 3 ½ and has always been very socially confident. If we are out in public and he sees other children he will approach them and talk to them/try to play with them without hesitation. And if there are no children around he will do the same with adults.

I'm much more naturally introverted and have no inclination to speak to strangers unless I have a purpose to do so, so would really appreciate some advice on how to teach DS appropriate social boundaries without squashing his natural confidence and sociability.

I do keep an eye on his interactions and remind him that some people don't want to talk and might just want to sit quietly on the bus/train etc, but DS has a large amount of natural charm and always seems to find people who are willing to talk to him. I do of course pull him away and distract him if it seems people are finding him a nuisance, but I am struggling to know where to draw the line between encouraging him to sit quietly and not bother other people and allowing his sociability to flourish.

What would you suggest?

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Thistledew Wed 04-Dec-19 10:45:15

Any views?

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Thistledew Wed 04-Dec-19 14:49:00

Any ideas at all?

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