Could my son be autistic?

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BiscuitsMcgee Tue 03-Dec-19 22:37:18

Heya, I have an amazing 2 year old boy who is fantastic if a little quirky but lately I have noticed more and more traits that could suggest he has autism to some degree. I intend to speak to a health professional about it (still waiting for 2 year check so going to chase it up) but I wondered if anyone with experience might have a look over the things I’ve listed over the last couple of days and see what the likelihood might be? Either way I am not bothered - he’s my world and i love him more than anything, but I just want to make sure he has the right support.

What I’ve noticed:
Doesn’t wave or say hello/goodbye
Does not like kisses (gets upset if you try and kiss on lips)
Does not hug but will curl up on my/daddy’s lap and be cuddled regularly
Hand flapping/plays with fingers
Arm flaps regularly when excited or sad
Covers ears with both hands
Only said about 10 words by 2
Has texture issues with food
Does not know how to respond when approached by other kid
Chooses to ignore when being called most of the time
Very particular with certain things (eg. No shoes/coats in house)
Hides his face in my/daddy’s shoulder and shys away if an adult says hello to him
Will avoid or ignore most people
Does not like being undressed
Repeats words over and over (eg car)
Cannot stand sticky/dirty hands
Spins in circles
Always chewing his hand or a toy
Cries of going in shop with low florescent lights and no windows
Rocks forward and back on sofa
Wanders on tiptoes

Thank you if you read this far!

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BackforGood Wed 04-Dec-19 00:20:57

Obviously no-one here can diagnose, but there are a number of things on that list that would point me to suggesting further assessment, yes.

Let your HV know.
Does he go to Nursery ? If so chat with the staff there too.

BiscuitsMcgee Wed 04-Dec-19 07:39:29

Thank you for your response. He has just in the past few weeks started preschool.l, he goes twice a week for a couple of hours. He doesn’t yet interact with any of the children, but he loves the toys and it has helped with his vocabulary a bit.

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AladdinMum Wed 04-Dec-19 11:30:29

Like the previous poster mentioned, there are some concerns in your description, however they all tend to be around sensory issues. How does he communicate with you to meet his needs or share interests? so for example, does he point to request what he wants? or point to interesting things like a plane in the sky? or does he bring to you interesting things that he finds? or maybe he says "look!" or "come!"/"come here!" when he wants you to turn around and look at something?

BiscuitsMcgee Wed 04-Dec-19 12:14:19

He does love showing his daddy and I things and does point. If he wants something to eat he will go to the fridge and grunt, and if he wants a toy he will point and grunt. He will only really interact with me, his dad or his nanny. If any kids he doesn’t know come up to him he freezes and if any adults talk to him he hides. For example, even if his grandad or cousin come to our house he will hide behind the sofa and play quietly. Or if we have a family gathering at my mums he will hide in her kitchen and maybe come out after an hour or two but will pretend no one else is there.

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Arhumuk Wed 04-Dec-19 12:45:41

Pointing is a huge positive when did he start pointing?

AladdinMum Wed 04-Dec-19 12:46:34

The fact that he points, shares and pretend plays is very positive. Playing by himself, or not having the confidence to interact with others is not concerning at this age (stranger anxiety can still persist to this age). He certainly has a speech delay but those are common around this age and he seems to show some unexpected sensitivities however all of this does not necessarily mean autism as autisms is a social communication disorder and he seems to be doing well in that area. It is certainly worth mentioning it in his 2YR review.

Arhumuk Wed 04-Dec-19 12:46:48

You can use the mchat test this screens for risk of autism. Can he copy you

BiscuitsMcgee Wed 04-Dec-19 13:45:13

Thank you for getting back to me guys 😊 he has been pointing and grunting for a while now so that’s good then. He does copy certain things (likes to try and hoover, wipe sides, blow food to cool it down) I will be calling up to get his review sorted as he was 2 in September and we’ve not had the letter yet

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BiscuitsMcgee Wed 04-Dec-19 21:40:52

Also I forgot to mention that he still hides from his cousin (13) and shys away when he talks to him directly even though he sees him weekly at ours/my mums

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mummy21boy Wed 04-Dec-19 22:33:10

A few things on your list are similar to my DS and he has sensory processing difficulties due to a genetic deletion.
We took him to the gp at 18mths due to delayed walking and talking, we were referred to paediatrician and they done a genetic test, about 6-8mths later we got his diagnosis. He has a deletion on one of his chromosomes. He is progressing, and meeting his milestones just later. It has taken him 12-18mths in his nursery placement to ‘join in’ with his peers. He’s our little miracle 💞

BiscuitsMcgee Wed 04-Dec-19 22:55:19

Ahh I have never heard of that one mummy21, what symptoms are similar?

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mummy21boy Thu 05-Dec-19 06:58:28

It’s very rare, I think there is under 10 boys worldwide with it.
He didn’t wave or say bye until 2.5, still doesn’t say hello.
He tilts his head if you ask for a kiss so you can kiss his forehead.
Only hugs certain people.
Arm/hands flap with excitement
Fussy eater especially with temperature of food and some textures.
Doesn’t like getting hands dirty to the point he would gag if not cleaned quickly.
wouldn’t walk on sand or grass barefoot loves the sensation he gets from spinning.
And walks tiptoes.

BiscuitsMcgee Thu 05-Dec-19 07:12:59

Wow, very rare! All of those things sound exactly like my DS but obviously given how rare it is unlikely. He still doesn’t wave or say goodbye (infact he closes the door in people’s face! 😳) but he’s not 2.5 yet

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mummy21boy Thu 05-Dec-19 11:45:17

There are a few things that cause the same or similar symptoms so first step is gp. I’d go ASAP as the waiting lists to be seen etc are frustratingly long. flowers

BiscuitsMcgee Thu 05-Dec-19 17:22:38

So I hear, I think I will make an appointment rather than wait forever to get the check up invite!

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