Whingy 8 month old

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CobaltRose96 Sun 01-Dec-19 19:32:17

Hi all.

DD is 8.5 months and, up until a few weeks ago, was a very sunny, happy baby. Rarely cried, always smiling ect. But for the past few weeks she’s been almost constantly whinging!

She cries when I leave the room, cries when I pick her up, cries when I put her down, cries when I try and feed her, cries when I take the food away, cries when I have the audacity to take something dangerous off of her... grin

She’s been sitting up since 4 months, crawling since 5, and has just started to stand unaided. Her sleeping has also gotten worse, although it’s still not too bad (she used to sleep 7-7 but for the past couple of weeks won’t fall asleep until 8/9pm and will wake up at 5/6am, so still not terrible). She still has her sunny moments but they’re punctuated by periods of extreme grumpiness! I admit that in recent weeks I’ve found it quite hard and not always enjoyed being a mum sad

She is better when we’re out and about in the pram so I try and get out with her every day.

Has anyone else experienced this? I want my sunny baby back! grin

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surreygirl1987 Sun 01-Dec-19 20:04:59

Honestly....this sound alike totally normal behaviour, except my baby was like this from the start. Because my baby was so tough from a newborn, he got comparatively easier and easier, but most of my friends with 'easy' babies like you got a bit of a shock at this stage when they started throwing strops and displaying near toddler behaviour. It comes and goes in phases, and gets easier and harder in waves. My son is 13.5 months now and has just gone through a really rough phase but is a bit easier again at the moment
I still take him out a couple of times a day though as I think he gets bored and frustrated at home.

Have you heard of the Wonder weeks? I don't believe in it exactly, but I do think there's something in the overall concept of phases linked with developmental stages.

getitright222 Sun 01-Dec-19 20:13:02

I am so sorry to hear sometimes you don't enjoy being her mum. I think there can be some happy and easy days with your darling girl .

I wanted to ask have you considered if she is well , grumpy and tearful could be a passing virus or cold type thing , sleep changing . needing you not needing you . just consider she is well . winter blues consider how your day may have changed as the rain beat on the window or high winds swept across the UK, I know a lot of people (adults ) who have been less brilliant over the last few months .
keep up the god work and think of fun things to do to keep you both amused and talk to her about weather , oh look rain rain go away and all that stuff so she get to know adults are dealing with this stuff too bless her .

CobaltRose96 Sun 01-Dec-19 20:35:19

@surreygirl1987 Thank you. Yes, I have the app! grin According to it though she’s not currently going through a leap.

@getitright222 thank you. I do still enjoy her most days, honest grin Just some days when she’s been grumbling at me constantly I do feel a little deflated. But I know it’s likely a phase and will pass.

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surreygirl1987 Sun 01-Dec-19 20:44:30

Yeh, I don't really agree with the specific timing of it all and think that's a gimmick, but I do think there something in the overall concept.

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