9month old like space and strangers more than toys

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hopeful8 Wed 27-Nov-19 17:05:00

Since my 9 month old got is crawling going at 8 months...he doesn’t sit nicely and play with any toys for more than a minute or 2. I guess that’s normal as he is exploring his new found legs.

At sensory class last few weeks we sit in a big group all the other baby’s are crawling about and interests in the stuff and exploring. He is not really interested in any of it, or me... but seems to love going up to all the other mums and putting his hand on their lap and starts and smile at them. I guess it’s a great thing in some ways but none of the other babies do this. He also just wants to leave the circle and explore the room!

I’m sure it’s all normal maybe he is more of a people person and physical outdoorsy boy than a sit and play boy!

Any thoughts?

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doritosdip Wed 27-Nov-19 19:02:19

It sounds like he's Mr Sociable. Does he enjoy meeting, "chatting" and listening to people?

doritosdip Wed 27-Nov-19 19:04:32

He might prefer a more physical activity like Tumbletots or Gymboree (I'm assuming that they still exist)

sewinginscotland Sat 30-Nov-19 14:20:32

I had to ditch baby sensory at about 11 months because of the crawling away thing - he might just have outgrown the class. My DS enjoyed crawling up to other babies and stealing any dummies that were lying around (he doesn't have a dummy himself).

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