How do you discipline your 2 y/o

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neverornow Tue 26-Nov-19 23:20:59

DS is becoming a bit of a handful. All normal stuff I think (hope!)

Hoping for advice on how best to tackle him and if it's too soon for discipline

We're re suffering with:

Epic tantrums
Throwing things
Hitting DH (although this has only happened twice so far)
Screeching at the top of his lungs
Throwing tv remote ate me when he wants to watch something
Periods of whinging
Throwing himself on the floor

It usually kicks off when he's tried to take my car keys for example and I take them back

I've tried positive reinforcement. Ignoring the tantrums and screeching but to no avail

We have a newborn at home and his tantrums often wake her or prevent her from going to sleep.

I was thinking of putting him in the travel cot in the hall for a few minutes as a time out to cool down and hopefully not disturb the baby - is he a bit young for this type of thing?

I'm also trying to get more 1:1 time with him, showering him with affection etc in case he's jealous of the new baby

Also re hitting DH - he doesn't go to nursery or pre hasn't learned this from anyone. Is this something they just naturally do when frustrated?

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